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Inspirational Speaker | Trainer.| Storyteller

Inspirational Speaker | Trainer.| StorytellerInspirational Speaker | Trainer.| Storyteller


You Lost Me at Namaste

This fun fast moving podcast covers everything wellbeing, wellness and spirituality at a relatable 101 real world level.  Master energy healer, Well-being Alchemist, and motivational speaker, Michelle Schoenfeld demystifies chakras, meditation, diet, and laughs about what her friends thought kundalini really meant.  Each week she is joined by a special guest, from healers and celebrities to everyday interesting souls, offering entertaining, and informative content to leave you feeling happy, inspired and in-the-know. 

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Best Podcasts  You Lost Me at Namaste with michelle schoenfeld

Best Podcasts  You Lost Me at Namaste with michelle schoenfeld 

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You Lost Me at Namaste Blog

Welcome to You Lost Me at Namaste! If you’ve ever wondered what having a blocked chakra means or if the Law of Attraction really works or why everyone is now drinking celery juice, then this podcast is for you. It blends modern wellness, wellbeing & spirituality at the 101 level, along with a little pop-culture and travel thrown in. Listen on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Play & most major platforms.  If you like it, please share & leave a review.  PLEASE SUBSCRIBE for Bonus content + events

Best Real World Law of Attraction and Tips on Manifesting

Happiness is your birthright!  In this podcast episode, I sit down with Jennifer Harlow to discuss the Law of Attraction in everyday life. From Fire Island to being a wellbeing expert for CBS discussing Pink, Jessica Simpson and Tamron Hall.  Energy talk is all the rage, and The Law of Attraction is becoming mainstream.  The basic 101 centers around the belief that energy is energy.  In other words, you attract the energy you are vibrating in and what you focus on expands. 25 +episodes available


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How to do a Full Moon Ritual, Tips on Manifesting Happiness

If you’re a moonchild like me, then you will LOVE this bonus episode. And if you’re not, you will still LOVE this episode. Our bodies are made up of more than 70% water, so just like the moon has the power to move oceans, it has the power to affect our body and emotions. In this episode you will learn how to perform your own full moon ritual, clear your energy, and manifest your best life!  Watch video or listen to the full podcast episode of You Lost Me at Namaste on Apple, Spotify, Google...

What is meditation and why do it?

If you ever feel like saying, "You lost me at Namaste," then watch this short explanation of what meditation is, and why you should to do it. 

*For more tips check out my Podcast "You Lost Me at Namaste" and if you want even more, subscribe above or send me an email. 

The Power of Personal Mantras

Hear how using simple positive affirmations can help you raise your vibration and improve your feeling of wellbeing and improve wellness.

*For more tips check out my Podcast "You Lost Me at Namaste"

The Laws of Attraction: Teaser

It's real, it works and it's in your control. 

*For more tips check out my Podcast shows on The Law of Attraction at "You Lost Me at Namaste" on all major platforms.  If you want to know even more or have a question, send me an email.

Simple Technique to Protect Your Energy

Quick and easy bubble visualization to protect and maintain your healthy energy.

*For more tips check out my Energy Medicine Episode on my Podcast "You Lost Me at Namaste"

Vitamin Sea

How to get the stress relief we feel from the beach at home. Wellness is just 2 cups of this away!  

For more tips on balancing your energy and feeling inspired, check out some of my best podcast episodes on iTunes and Spotify.  Search "You Lost Me at Namaste"

Mandala Art Meditation

I decided to add Mandala to my life force portfolio. Mandala is an ancient prayer.  The true origins can't be said for sure,but it's been found in cave drawing dating back 40,000 years. It's not only beautiful but it's healing. Drawing mandala brings your focus to the NOW, and helps to balance your energy. Drawing you in as if magic.  You don't need to be an artist of feel creative, you just need to trust and let go. Anyone can do it including children.  It's a great way to relieve anxiety and i

Alkaline diet for life to ward off cancer

Alkaline vs Acidic bodies. Basically alkaline bodies don’t get cancer. Also helps with diabetes, heart disease, liver issues and more. Read The China Study for specific facts. 100% backed up data, National Best Seller for over 10 years. It’s never too late to start living your body.  Proven and reproduced results.  Listen to one of my best podcasts on this topic to get all the skinny. available on iTunes & Spotify. Search You Lost Me at Namaste.  They are fun and jam packed with easy to follow Wellness and Wellbeing.

EBeauty, one of my many stories

This is a bit of a tear jerker, but part of my story. Ebeauty and the former Lolly's Locks have provided an invaluable service to cancer fighters in need.  It's not about vanity, its about dignity and feeling in control when nothing in your life is. As a motivational and inspirational speaker and storyteller, I have mostly archived my personal cancer story.  But it is an important one.  Hair is more than just hair. It's part of our identity. It's complicated and emotional.Please donate or share


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