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What is meditation and why do it?

If you ever feel like saying, "you lost me at Namaste," then watch this short explanation of what meditation is, and why you should to do it. 


Podcast "You Lost Me at Namaste"

This fun fast moving podcast covers everything wellbeing, wellness and spirituality at a relatable 101 real world level.  Live from the Eaton Workshop Radio station, master energy healer Michelle Schoenfeld demystifies chakras, meditation, diet, and laughs about what her friends thought kundalini really meant.  Each week she is joined by a special guest offering entertaining, light and informative information to help you find happiness, self-love and live your best life. Complete unedited first season available on mixcloud.  

[click photo to listen] PODCAST: You Lost Me at Namaste
[click photo to listen] PODCAST: You Lost Me at Namaste

The Power of Personal Mantras

Hear how using simple positive affirmations can help you raise your vibration and improve your feeling of wellbeing.

The Laws of Attraction: Teaser

It's real, it works and it's in your control. 

Simple Technique to Protect Your Energy

Bubble Visualization

Vitamin Sea

How to get the stress relief we feel from the beach at home. 

Mandala Art Meditation

I decided to add Mandala to my life force portfolio. Mandala is an ancient prayer.  The true origins can't be said for sure,but it's been found in cave drawing dating back 40,000 years. It's not only beautiful but it's healing. Drawing mandala brings your focus to the NOW, and helps to balance your energy. Drawing you in as if magic.  You don't need to be an artist of feel creative, you just need to trust and let go. Anyone can do it including children.  It's a great way to relieve anxiety and i

Alkaline diet for life to ward off cancer

Alkaline vs Acidic bodies. Basically alkaline bodies don’t get cancer. Also helps with diabetes, heart disease, liver issues and more. Read The China Study for specific facts. 100% backed up data, National Best Seller for over 10 years. It’s never too late to start living your body.  Proven and reproduced results.  See my full blog post  on Instagram.