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Inspirational Speaker & Trainer

Inspirational Speaker & Trainer

Inspirational Speaker & TrainerInspirational Speaker & TrainerInspirational Speaker & Trainer



Empowering Keynote Speaker and Trainer

Would you like to have more energy and wake up feeling passionate about your life? Or perhaps raise the energy level in your organization or work place? Michelle Schoenfeld is a wellbeing expert and inspirational speaker who inspires audiences to tap into their own life's purpose and find what motivates them in order to live a more abundant, productive, and happy life.  As a skilled storyteller, she integrates real life relatable experiences into her high energy and engaging presentations. Audiences leave feeling energized, optimistic, and motivated to take action in improving their lives and the world around them.


Custom Tailored Presentations

How many times have you wondered if it really is possible to have it all? Would you like to feel an energized passion for your life in spite of today's busy lifestyles?  Michelle is trained in mindfulness and has over 10 years experience in the corporate world as well as co-founding her own successful business. She is a stage 3 cancer survivor and uses her life experiences in overcoming adversity to provide inspirational insight and perspective on the bridge between success, spirituality and a higher vision of living an authentic and abundant life. Presentations can be customized to meet the needs of the target audience from large scale corporate events to self help workshops, wellness retreats, 

and charity fundraisers. 

"Michelle Schoenfeld is one of the best new inspirational and motivational speakers to hit the market in a long time."



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